Dos and Donts

Do not use your fingernails to clean the crust from a piercing.

Never touch with hands that have not been washed. A piercing, when done properly, should never get infected. The majority of infections come when people touch with dirty hands.

If you have a body piercing, keep your clothing clean.

If you have a facial piercing, keep your pillows and sheets clean.

Gently rotate jewelry so that it does not heal into the skin.

Do not use antibiotic ointments if you do get infected.

Never clean with betadine, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol to clean.

Pat all piercings dry with a tissue or cotton ball. Towels harbor bacteria that can cause infection. Also, do not wash with wash clothes, as they also harbor bacteria.

If you have an oral piercing, try not to smoke or kiss, or participate in oral sex.

Avoid public swimming pools for the duration of healing time.

In oral piercings, clean the plaque that builds up on the jewelry.

Keep your piercing safe! Do not let clothing tug on it, don't touch it more than needed, and don't knock it around. This only builds scar tissue around the piercing.

In the shower, washing your piercing should be the last thing you do.

Tighten the balls or spikes in jewelry daily.

Eat well and get enough sleep during healing time.

Take ibuprofen if feeling any pain.

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